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About Wdes SAS

Wdes SAS is a French company that focuses on building free and open-source tools. It also provides paid services to organizations.
Wdes ® is a registered brand on INPI.

Code LTS

Code LTS is a project of the Wdes company that focuses on supporting old code and modernizing old code to continue the support.
You can find Code-LTS on GitHub.


The Sudo-Bot project focuses on bringing Docker images, deployment tools and GitHub actions to developers.
You can find Sudo-Bot on GitHub.


This project will bring a dashboard for open-source maintainers and help with every day tasks.
You can find Air-Balloon on GitHub.


The Wdes namespace is where our tools and projects live on GitHub.
You will find mostly PHP libraries and some NodeJS/Typescript tools, some Rust code is also written there.


Development services

If you have PHP/html code or Angular code we can work on it.

Code improvements

We are able to improve your Web code and make your performance improve !

Long term support

You have old code ? We can help you migrate or provide support for it.

Infrastructure services

We can setup a server or a network for you, or help you migrate your OS.



Composer packages



Send us an email to [email protected], we will be happy to help you.